Hi there!

My name is Piglet. I met Sab back in 2011, but we only started deciding to travel together very recently. Sab and I have many things in common: we both like pink (me more so than her),  love chocolate (although she likes hers darker), but most of all, we want to make memories. 

I'll be your tour guide all over the world. I love learning about different histories and cultures from different corners of this green-and-blue planet, being awed by the beautiful natural sceneries and urban landscapes. Sab here is my personal photographer but I'm not that photogenic. 

You may not be physically with us on our adventures, but maybe through my Snapchat-documented photo travel log and Sab's occasional travel thoughtpost, you can join us to appreciate the sentiments of the different gardens, museums or foodie spots that have stayed with us.

We hope we don't disappoint.  
Sincerely, Piglet

Food Adventures