a lustrous rainbow-like play of colors;
a differential refraction of light waves that changes according to the angle looked from.

I write when I'm inspired.

I do photography
whenever something captivates my eye or enthralls my heart.

{she's got ink in her veins, roses in her heart and a galaxy in her head}
Welcome. The writing you'll find on this page ranges from literary creations, social commentaries, reviews or thought-provoking ideas.
{she's just another aspiring writer who hopes that her pieces linger in your mind, or sparks a different perspective in your thinking, just like the iridescent shimmer of an opal teardrop}
Here, you'll discover challenges, portals, and stories, but most of all, you'll discover people. Here we laugh. Here we cry. Here we write the truth. Herein we bleed on the page. Spill your words.
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your time here.